4 Priorities


Making money is job #1! We work to ensure profitability remains a primary focus in your planning, objectives, and work.


The most important part of profitability is ability. We work together to build your team, product and services to become the best in your field.  Our experienced staff dig deep to uncover solutions that will move your business ahead of the pack.

Young IT ProfessionalEnculturation

Doing business cross culturally often results in overwhelming challenges.  Grasping the values and behaviors that are appropriate for your adopted culture can make or break your business.  Our consultants are experienced in doing business across cultures. Whether it is negotiating a deal, determining the right price for products or services, understanding customer concerns, or training local staff – we have been there and done that!


Fitting into the local mainstream is challenging.  Living out your life values in a foreign land where your values may be at odds with local values can be frustrating. Balancing your work, family, fitness, etc., in an unfamiliar environment can be debilitating.  Our consultants will walk you through the land mines of overseas living that bring life and purpose without compromising your values and joy.