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Transforming the Future

4D is an international consulting firm working to transform the future through unique multidisciplinary collaborations. With more than two decades of international business consulting experience we excel at the increasingly complex challenges of doing business in a globally networked world.

Our Unique Approach


Our highly relational, customized approach to consulting and coaching centers on interactions that build and secure trust. Every company is different and faces unique challenges. We maximize opportunities for each business by evaluating the dynamics of those unique challenges. Our discovery process highlights the critical changes that need to be addressed and we formulate a customized strategy to achieve your business goals.


4D’s proactive approach at confronting current and future challenges equips businesses and leaders for the uncertainty present in the changing global marketplace. By fully engaging our clients in the process, we look beyond the obvious and develop holistic strategies that address all areas of the business.


Our clients come from diverse lines of work, and many different countries. All of us are learners; students of what is happening around the world. In the rapidly changing, global marketplace we work at being alert to changes and move quickly and decisively to meet the challenges that emerge so that we can provide our clients with a competitive edge. We daily study the political, social, environmental, religious, and business climates of the world to ensure we stay on top of change as it is happening around us.

Customized Approach


Find out why our customized approach to consulting and coaching is so effective.

We recently consulted with 4D, the results? $400,000 in revenue last year.

Luke & AliciaAsia

Our lack of training in specific areas resulted in long term business losses. We engaged 4D for business consulting services and are in the process of developing new systems. The business is now making progress to profitability.

A Client

We turned to 4D for an apprenticeship with a recommended company. The experience allowed us to gain valuable insights and skills needed to start our own spa in Asia.

Jake & EleaneAsia