4 Core Values

Our core values are the principles that guide us daily as we work with our clients. At all times, we strive to distinguish 4D as an admired international consulting services leader that is set apart by its quality personnel and excellent service. We do this by striving to listen first and understanding your unique needs. Then we work together to build a customized solution that fits your particular need.


Whatever your business, people are your product because fundamentally speaking, business is about people. We measure our success in the accomplishments of the people we work with.

We understand that your business depends on healthy relationships with customers, business partners, and suppliers. We value your time and seek to build and nurture strong relationships that are centered on your concerns. We ensure that we deeply understand your unique problems and opportunities so that we can anticipate your needs and exceed your expectations.


We achieve Excellence through Innovation, Learning and Agility.

We respect established practices but we also seek continuous improvement. We are committed to delivering thorough and sound solutions that honor and respect everyone involved in your community.  This includes assisting you to develop creative solutions and then putting them into action.


Integrity is our cornerstone. Character is as important as ability.  We know your trust is earned and re-earned with every interaction.  We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility.


We follow up and we follow through.

The value of accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions.

Our consultants are highly experienced and specifically qualified. Our consultants have all worked overseas and understand the challenges of completing what is agreed to. We take full ownership for our actions and their outcomes. We do what we say we will do – you can trust us to deliver.