Business Advisor

An experienced business person from various segments of business operations offering their time and expertise. In general, advisors work on specific projects and shorter-term assignments with the B4T businesses. SOME SERVICES NO COST, OTHERS LOW COST.

Business Coach

A diverse group of business professionals combining business experience with coaching certification, coaching experience, and following traditional coaching processes. The coach primarily performs an active listening role and assists the B4T worker to develop and follow-through on solutions to their business issues. Coaches generally engage with a worker for regular sessions over 3 or more months. A FEE SERVICE VARYING BY COACH.

Board of Advisors

A non-legal, non-binding board of 3-5 business advisors; activities include (number and times set by mutual agreement) 1-4 Skype meetings, special meetings, email discussions, and possible face-to-face meetings at the worker’s business, OPEN Huddles, OPEN Connects or B4T Expos. A NO COST SERVICE.

Business Advisor Team

A team of 3-8 business people travel to the location of the workers and their business to encourage workers and to learn about the workers and their business; the challenges & opportunities. Creating opportunities for relationships to develop. A NO COST SERVICE.

CEO Roundtable Leadership Teams

6-12 workers form a virtual CEO Roundtable to facilitate relationship development, allow the businesses to share best practices and to bond as a team.  This would be led by 2-3 coach/advisors. This could take the form of Skype meetings with agendas developed from requests sent to the lead coach.  Additional opportunities for face-to-face meetings at annual events. COST TO BE DETERMINED.